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Welcome to Side by Side, a podcast where I, Robert Kuang, take you inside conversations with artists, creatives, healers, and warriors taking the charge in their transformational story.

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Welcome to Side by Side, a podcast where I, Robert Kuang, take you inside conversations with artists, creatives, healers, and warriors taking the charge on their transformational story.  

Each episode features a special guest, space for creative and artistic expression, and reflections inspired by recurring themes and topics for your personal transformation.

To learn more about my work as a coach, musician, and writer, please visit


Tuesday May 28, 2024

Today’s guest is Eve Crusto, a writer, director, and producer who is on a mission to bring her ancestral Louisiana Creole stories to life. Her upcoming short film “Blood and Milk” takes place a few years after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, and examines the “legacy of isolation and confusion” after events like Katrina and the COVID-19 pandemic.
In this conversation, we discuss Eve’s passion for the arts, humanities and her New Orleans roots, the lessons she learned in school and on the job in the writer’s room, and the balancing act of being a parent while modeling what it takes to cultivate passion and drive.
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Tuesday May 21, 2024

Today’s guest is Vanessa Esparza, a leadership coach who's also a partner at Gladstone Place Partners, overseeing people and administration. In this conversation, we explore her roots as a first generation Mexican-American, her passion for service, and the importance of empathy and presence in collaboration and talent retention.
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Tuesday May 14, 2024

Today’s returning guest is my friend Tara Edwards, a writer, editor, and Twitch streamer based in Ohio, known for her work in the digital media landscape. In this conversation, we’re deep-diving into our upcoming 10-week online writer’s workshop, called “Good Grief: A Writing Workshop on Trauma & Healing.”
Inspired by our training and experience in psychology, coaching, and writing, this queer, Asian, BIPOC-led workshop combines general teachings around grief, creative expression, and healing with writing practice and community support. It's a great space to cultivate transmuting grief outside of professional, romantic/familial, and competitive arenas.
"Side by Side" Episodes | Robert Kuang Home

Tuesday May 07, 2024

Today’s guest is Kim Chestney, the author of “The Illumination Code,” “Radical Intuition,” and “The Psychic Workshop.” As the founder of IntuitionLab and the CREATE! Festival, her work raises awareness about the importance of insight in the evolution of individual and world consciousness. Working for nearly twenty years in the tech sector, Chestney has led initiatives with some of the top thought leaders, technology companies, and universities around the world. 
In this conversation, we look at the suppressed narratives and scientific theory around intuition, the mind bending implications of quantum mechanics, and some practical ways to engage with these concepts in everyday life. 
"Side by Side" Episodes | Robert Kuang Home

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

Today’s guest is Chloe Panta, the author of "Untapped Magic" and a highly sought-after mindset expert and transformational coach who helps people achieve their ultimate life goals. She uses an evidence-based, proven system with scientific data to support its effectiveness to help her clients overcome obstacles that are keeping them stuck in life. 
In this conversation, we explore some of the magical components of her book, from personal experiences to exercises and tools to support readers’ manifestation journey. She lives in Seattle and you can find her online at
"Side by Side" Episodes | Robert Kuang Home

Tuesday Mar 26, 2024

Today’s guest is Effie Cao, a life coach, entrepreneur, and community leader who brings experience and soul to her work and her personal journey. You can find her writing as well as her own deepdive conversations with thought leaders such as Michael Singer through her online community spaces.
In this conversation, we discuss the purpose of “being healthy,” Effie’s journey from northern China to working and living as a digital nomad, and the nuances of communicating across multiple languages.
"Side by Side" Episodes | Robert Kuang Home

Tuesday Mar 19, 2024

Today's guest is Meredith Heller, author of "Writing by Heart," "Write a Poem, Save Your Life," and several poetry collections. A poet, singer-songwriter, avid nature lover, and educator with degrees in writing and education, she leads writing workshops online and in-person at schools, juvenile detention centers, women’s prisons, and wellness retreats. 
In this conversation, we dive inside the origins and highlights of Meredith's latest release, “Writing By Heart,” and her lifelong journey with creativity and self-expression as a healing force in her life.
"Side by Side" Episodes | Robert Kuang Home

Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

Today’s guest is writer, performer, educational consultant Coda Wei (they/them), who is pursuing their Masters in Intercultural Communication Studies at the Shanghai Theatre Academy.
In this conversation, we explore Coda’s early life traveling and living between America and China, and how their experience of the world has influenced their perspective around queer identity, creative expression, and education.
"Side by Side" Episodes | Robert Kuang Home

Tuesday Feb 27, 2024

Today’s guest is coach and facilitator Austin Walker, who focuses on leadership and men’s personal development, inside and out. In addition to one-on-one partnerships, Austin leads several men’s groups, including the “Man Cave,” a space dedicated to BIPOC Men to connect and share their perspectives.
In this conversation, we explore Austin’s journey from boyhood to man, the connection between leadership and intimacy, and the essence of finding and doing meaningful work. 
"Side by Side" Episodes | Robert Kuang Home

Tuesday Feb 06, 2024

In honor of Lunar New Year on February 10 this year, today's special guest paved the way for me, and my passion for language and communication: My mom, Gia Zhang.
Before immigrating to America, she was a language teacher and published author in China. She was around the age I am now when she made the decision to start a new life, learn a new language, and take a risk by doing something no one in our family had before.
In this conversation, we dive inside her early life growing up in China, the cultural differences and similarities between American and Chinese culture, and some tips and tricks for language learning at any age.
"Side by Side" Episodes | Robert Kuang Home

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